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More than a hundred homebrewers gather for rally

FREEPORT, Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- More than a hundred members of the American Homebrewers Association gathered for a rally at the Maine Beer Company brewery Wednesday night.

The rally is a place for brewers to talk all things beer and get tips for their own brews.

"You can take a basic recipe and tweak things, even just a little bit, and make it a completely different beer," Bob Gillis said.

Charlie Papazian, known as the "Father of Homebrewing," was at the event. He called Maine "a treasure chest of breweries."

One of the biggest brewing enthusiasts has never even tasted beer. Logan McBride, who just started 7th grade, said he loves science, especially chemistry.

He went to the rally with his parents, who call him the "Chief Bottler" for their homebrewing operation. Even though McBride can't make his own brews right now, he said he makes sure to take notes watching his dad.

"I come over. I ask him questions, like what is this doing? What steps are there to make it?" he said.

For now, McBride is happy making sodas, using extracts, sugar and water. He wouldn't reveal some of his secret ingredients.

McBride said he wants to brew for a living some day. In the meantime, the "Father of Homebrewing" was able to give him advice for making root beer.


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