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State legislator pleads guilty to OUI, apologizes to constituents

FREEPORT, Maine (AP) -- A state lawmaker from Maine has pleaded guilty to a charge of operating under the influence that stemmed from a crash in August in which his car rolled over on I-295 in Freeport.

Sean Flaherty, who represents Scarborough in the Maine House, entered the plea Friday.

Flaherty says in a statement that he sees the accident as a "humbling and important" lesson and is grateful that no one was hurt.

He also apologizes to his constituents in the statement.

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Here is Flaherty's statement in full:

Sean Flaherty
PO Box 6998
Scarborough, Maine 04070



Statement from Sean Flaherty:


This afternoon, I pleaded guilty to operating under the influence.  The court system is crowded and often slow, I am told, so I had asked my lawyer, Dan Warren, to work hard to resolve the case.   After today, I am working to put the accident behind me, use it as a humbling and important lesson, and move forward to try to bring something positive out of the situation.  I am so thankful, that my bad decision didn't hurt anyone else.

As I have stated previously, I made a mistake - a stupid mistake.   I have apologized to my family and friends, who have been incredibly supportive.  I have met with my priest, a counselor, and with many folks in town, and I have asked them for their forgiveness and for their advice. 

I also must apologize to my constituents in Scarborough.  I have been going door to door and talking with people in town.   I am working hard to earn a second chance.  I hope to show folks in Scarborough, as I did during the 2008 election and previously through my involvement in the community, that I am still worthy of their trust.


Over the last two years, people have told me they liked me fighting for Scarborough on such issues as responsible budgeting in Augusta, support for small business, and bold energy policies for Maine's future.   I think I still have these skills to offer the town.


In closing, I want to thank you for your support and your patience.

When I was growing up in Scarborough, a coach told us once, as we put on our team sweatshirts after a meet, "You are swimming for the name on the front of those shirts, not the names on the back of the shirt."  That message always stuck with me.

The worst thing about this mistake is that I have been so honored the past two years to represent Scarborough in the Maine Legislature.  I worry that I have let down those who I care most about - the people in my home town.

I hope you will support me in my efforts so that I can continue to fight for Scarborough.


Sean Flaherty


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