Tracy Liberty
Tracy Liberty, Awareness, Bodywork, Well Being

Tracy Liberty has been a life-long Mainer and is a self-described "explorer of the human experience".  Throughout the years of life she has wondered, "How can I achieve real peace?  Can anyone?"  This question fueled her on a journey towards finding inner balance and led to a bigger vision of helping others, as well.

Through her Polarity practice in Yarmouth, Maine she offers others the opportunity to explore, let go, and integrate past, present and future.  Clients can connect with their truth and shed old mental/emotional/physical patterns and choose freedom...choose health...choose LOVE.

Tracy currently teaches Polarity Therapy at Spa Tech Institute in Westbrook, Maine.  She graduated from Spa Tech in 2004 as a Holistic Licensed Massage Therapist and again in 2006 as an Advanced Polarity Practitioner.  A lover of dance (and a life-long dancer), she also has a B.A. of Creative Arts/Dance/
Expressive Arts Therapy from Bradford College, where she graduated in 1998.