Wil Whalen
dangerwilrobinson - The Music Blog

This blog celebrates talented musicians and the music they create.  It's a blog meant to be respectful of musicians as well.  Here you will find music, reviews, interviews, videos, commentaries and show cases.  I'll be looking at music from the musician and well as the fan's point of view.  I will have guest bloggers, review albums both old and new, talk to artists and get inside the heart and the soul of the music they create.

I was born in Normal IL and made my way to Maine by way of Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, Germany, Kentucky, and Chicago.  I am a Desert Storm Veteran who attended DePaul University on a writing scholarship.  Total music junkie with a true taste for retro soul, rockabilly, rock, big band and 80's.  I prefer music made by people who don't need computers to make them sound good.  I'm also an 80's and rockabilly DJ and my last blog won the 2007 Best Blog Award in the Best of Portland Awards.

Enjoy the blog.  If you comment, be respectful.  Are you a musician, band, DJ or fan who wants to be featured?  Let me know.  I'm always accepting CDs, albums and shows to review.  I travel a lot for work so I'll catch as many shows as I can.  I will post new material here at least once a week.

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read this.