Photo Gallery | Falmouth Police make drug bust while looking for missing juvenile

FALMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Falmouth Police make a drug bust while investigating a missing juvenile at 28 Longwood's Road in Falmouth on Wednesday morning. PHOTOS: Drug arrest in Falmouth While looking for the juvenile, Falmouth Police made contact with 20-year-old Alexander Buchanan. Officials say Buchanan was on release from Cumberland County and was subject to search becuase he could not be in possession of alcohol and illegal drugs. During the course of the investigation, Falmouth Police discovered approximately 4.5 pounds of Marijuana with a street value of approximately $16,000. They also discovered 5.8 ounces of Mushrooms with a street value of $1800. Police say Buchanan was also in possession of various scheduled narcotics, trafficking material and drug paraphernalia. Police arrested Buchanan and charged him with two counts of Unlawful Trafficking in Scheduled Drugs, three counts of Unlawful Possession of Scheduled Drugs and a Violation of Condition of Release.

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