Self-storage unit theft in Freeport

FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- About 2 dozen self-storage units were broken into at the Interstate Self Storage facility on Sunday.

Owner Erik Urbanek said he received a call Sunday morning from a patron saying it appeared someone had cut several locks and left them on the ground.

One of those units belongs to Stephanie Perry and Nathan Briggs, who say they left the facility around midnight on Sunday.

"We lost two TVs, computer, and Playstation 3," said Briggs. "We didn't lose anything sentimental, which is good. We just lost our own privacy."

There are 200 self-storage units at the facility, according to Urbanek, who said a patron reported a firearm missing after the break-ins.

Whether or not it's safe to plant Impatiens this year

YARMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Last year, many garden centers suggested that people refrain from planting Impatiens. They are a favorite shade plant in Maine. But a the plants were being affected by a serious case of Downy Mildew.

Some experts felt the best course of action was not to plant them at all. But Impatiens are back and better this year. Still, Tom Estabrook suggests that people plant in moderation. He explains why and offers some tips on keeping them healthy.

Planting veggies in your garden

YARMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Many people who want to grow vegetables question whether they should buy small plants or start from seed.

Our garden expert Tom Estabook said it really depends on what crop you want to plant. He runs down the list for you, tells you about some soil additives that will help prevent disease and feed your plants the nutrients they need. He also talks about the benefits of buying bigger plants verses several small ones.

Water main breaks in Cumberland

CUMBERLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There was been a large water main break in the town of Cumberland Thursday night. It happened right near Cumberland Center on Route 9.

According to the Cumberland Fire Department, most people in town did not have have running water for about 2 hours while the Portland Water District fixed the problem.

The fire department warns there may still be air in the lines, and hydrants are being flushed to fix any issues.

LL Bean CEO to step down in 2016

FREEPORT, Maine (AP) - The first non-family member to lead L.L. Bean says he's planning to step down.

CEO Chris McCormick told employees in a memo Monday that he plans to retire from the Maine-based company in March 2016. He said he's giving early notice to ensure a smooth transition.

McCormick has been with privately held L.L. Bean for 31 years, including 13 years as president and CEO. He succeeded Leon Gorman, who is L.L. Bean's grandson.

The Maine-based retailer is coming off its fourth year of consecutive sales growth.

McCormick said the company is debt-free and well positioned for future growth after weathering the deepest recession in more than a half-century.



Freeport Flag lady returns post surgery

FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Freeport Flag lady that underwent open heart surgery has returned to the hill to wave her flag.

Carmen Footer had surgery March 21 and had to miss the Tuesday flag waving for first time since she started after 9-11. She had some complications that led to her staying in the ICU for a few extra days. The other flag ladies, Elaine and Joann, had the community join them March 25 to show support for Carmen.

After about a month and a half of recovery, Carmen is finally well enough to return to the hill.