Flag for Hope comes to Maine

FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – A unique humanitarian art project made a stop in Freeport on Sunday.

Flag for Hope is working to gather 5,000 handprints from people nationwide, creating an image of the American flag. Along with their handprints, participants were asked to go on camera explaining what patriotism means to them. The video and flag will be displayed at New York's Freedom Tower when the tour ends on Sept. 11.

Artist Marcus Antonio started the pop-up art project that is hitting home for many people.

"I think any project that gets Americans involved in their community and their flag and the patriotism of a good type is a good thing" said Elaine Green.

Downed trees cause power outage in Freeport

FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A tree knocked out power to many homes and businesses along Route 1 in Freeport Tuesday night after a strong storm blew through southern Maine.

"It was a quick shift of the weather. I mean it happened instantly. It became more than just a regular rainstorm. It became something else in the snap of the finger," said the co-owner of the Kendall Tavern Inn, Mark Provost.

The owners of the Kendall Tavern Inn Bed and Breakfast said it was raining heavily when the wind picked up, blowing their outdoor furniture into the lawn. Then the lights started going in and out, and they watched as a nearby transformer sparked and flashed. They said the outage, which affected about 3,900 customers total according to Central Maine Power, happened around 8:30 p.m.

L.L. Bean announces large expansion

FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's not only Bean Boot sales that continue to grow; L.L. Bean is planning to quadruple its number of U.S. stores by 2020 and double it staff.

The Freeport based company currently has 25 stores outside of its flagship store in Maine. The company announced that it plans to add four more stores in 2015 and 15 each year after that. By 2020, it plans to have 100 stores total in the U.S.

"(The employees) have laid the groundwork for us and now our job is to find people just like them in all these different markets to bring the brand and to lift it the same way they do here in Freeport," said L.L. Bean Senior VP of Retail Ken Kacere.

L.L. Bean lights Christmas tree



FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- L.L. Bean lit its Christmas tree Friday night, christening the start of the holiday season in Freeport.

Maine's top court rules against housecleaner

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- The Maine Supreme Judicial Court said a lower court was right to deny an appeal from a housecleaner who asked the court to suppress a confession she offered about stealing drugs after she failed a polygraph test.

Police suspected Jessica Babb after a Falmouth woman reported jewelry and prescription drugs stolen from her home. Babb was a housecleaner at the home. Court documents said Babb denied taking the items and agreed to take a polygraph test, which indicated deception. Documents said she then confessed to taking the drugs, but not the jewelry.

Babb argued that police violated her constitutional right to counsel. The lower court ruled that Babb's right was not infringed because there were no formal charges against her related to the theft. The high court agreed Tuesday.

Maine farmers discuss Internet, drones

FREEPORT, Maine (AP) -- Maine farmers are meeting in Freeport to vote on resolutions affecting the state's agricultural industry.

The Monday meeting is the annual meeting of the Maine Farm Bureau, which convenes to discuss and set policies for the coming year. One resolution endorses increasing the state's ConnectME budget from $1 million to $5 million to help bring high-speed Internet to rural farms. Farmers are also discussing whether any drones that go over farmers should first be required to get written permission from farmers.

The executive secretary of the Maine Farm Bureau says Monday's meeting establishes which bills the bureau will support in the upcoming legislative session.

Cumberland voters to decide on public beach purchase

CUMBERLAND, Maine (NECN) -- Maine has more than 6,000 miles of shoreline, but access to that high priced real estate is increasingly limited.

the town of
umberland has a chance to buy a piece of that gold coast,
voters decide it's worth it. Cumberland has almost four miles of coastline abutting Casco Bay. Right now, the public has access to only 100 feet of it, divided into two rocky 50 ft. parcels.

But that could soon change.

On election day, voters in this town of 7,200,will be asked if they want the town to borrow $3 million to buy a 23 acre parcel of land off the Foreside Road.