Panel of experts disects gun violence, school safety | News

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Panel of experts disects gun violence, school safety

FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The memory of last month's school shooting in Newton, CT is still fresh in many peoples minds - especially those connected to our schools.

The Tolerance And Respect Project, TARP, hosted an expert panel discussion with the public to talk about violence prevention and safety in schools.

Among the experts, Drew Wing, the Director of Maine Boys to Men.

"The good news is, is that we can create safer communities if we become mindful of the messaging and the support we are giving to all of our children. And to that end I will propose three questions for us all to consider," says Wing. "How do our choices and behaviors reinforce violence as a solution to pain or conflict? What are we doing to create affirming communities that allow more flexible and gender expression? In what resources are we providing to young people who are clearly marginalized and need additional help to be affirmed and recognized?"

Committee Chair of Criminal Justice and Public Safety, and District 10 Senator, Stan Gerzofsky, says the committee and the legislature will be looking closely at gun laws and regulations.

RSU 5 Superintendent, Shannon Welsh, says the schools are tightening up on existing safety precautions.

And Maine State Representative of District 106, Sara Gideon, says "my really big hope in all of this, is that communities take hold of it and keep doing the same thing," she says. "And sort of follow this model and so that it becomes a bigger conversation."



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