Animals migrating later because of warmer weather | News

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Animals migrating later because of warmer weather

FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Despite the cold, snowy weather in parts of Maine Sunday, it's been a relatively mild winter so far. Wildlife experts are noticing some animals have changed their habits because of it.

The Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park held a nature walk over the weekend. A small group of people learned about how plants and animals survive Maine's harsh winters.

Park Manager Andy Hutchinson said he's noticied some animals he doesn't normally see this time of year, such as great blue herons and seals.

"It's been really easy for most plants and animals, but there is some harsh weather coming, some cold weather, some snow, and they're ready for it," he said.

Hutchinson said as it gets colder and snowier, the animals that have usually migrated by now will gradually head south.


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