Local businesses rebuild washed out Freeport road | News

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Local businesses rebuild washed out Freeport road

FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Two homeowners are finally getting help rebuilding a road that washed out during that massive rain storm in August.

The road on Turkey Ridge Lane washed out when more than six inches of rain fell on August 14. The two homeowners who live on the other side were stranded, and because the road is private, they were left to pay for the repairs themselves.

Andrew Kittredge, a project manager for C-P-M Constructors, heard about their dilemma and started asking local businesses to help. Together, they are taking on the estimated $80,000 project.

"For so many companies and suppliers to get involved during this time of the year, it's huge," Kittredge said. "It's shows that we care and we want to be good corporate neighbors to residents."

"All these companies gave a little, you know, for just two homeowners," Toothaker said. "It's overwhelming."

Construction on the road is scheduled to be completed Friday.


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