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Local business filling order for big client

FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A small boat building company in Freeport has just landed the kind of product placement most businesses can only dream about.

Three custom canoes made by Lincoln Canoe and Kayak will soon be docked in a Madison Avenue showroom in New York City.

"I will be driving them down myself, leaving the house at midnight," said Marc Bourgoin, who owns the company with his brother Ron.

Bourgoin says the fiberglass boats, one blue, one white, and one yellow, will be used in a Ralph Lauren showroom and must be there by Tuesday at noon to meet with the designer's approval.

Normally, it's six weeks from order to delivery at Lincoln. Not this time.

"They said 'we need them Monday,' and this was Friday," said Bourgoin.

Lincoln has only a dozen employees and this is their busiest time of year, so the owners knew they had to get the builders on board with the rush order first.

"I got a call saying 'can you do it in a day and a half?' I said 'not possible,'" said Rusty Horning, Lead Builder. "He said, 'they're going to Ralph Lauren.' I said 'consider it done.'"

The team gave up their weekend to build them, not just for paycheck, but for the opportunities this unusual product placement may present.

"If they see us in Manhattan, people who've never heard of us, may want to try us," said Chris Keene, Finisher. "It just gives us another demographic."

It's also a chance for a small business to show its value to a much larger marketplace.

"As businesses get bigger and bigger, they can't react. We can react quickly." said Bourgoin.

Not only is this the fastest Lincoln has ever built boats, it's likely the first time they won't go into the water.

"it is pretty funny," admitted Bourgoin. "But we're building them as if they will touch the water and some day hopefully someone will receive a cool gift."

A cool gift, and a good story to go along with it.


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