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How Do You Teach?
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How Do You Teach?


The "Teacher" archetype has been a significant influence in my adult life.  As an instructor and Polarity therapist, I am often embodying this character.  I find it has even crept into my personal life and relationships.  In my opinion - we are all teachers.   We can either teach by allowing others to connect with their own wisdom, or cling fiercely to our own "dogma", expecting others to adhere to our "right way" of living.

If we really allowed ourselves the possibility of taking on the role of "Teacher", and realized our impact on each other and the world.. what would change?  What if everyone took responsibility for what they are "teaching" and understood how powerful we all are in shaping others' lives and consciousness?  Heck, the whole planet may benefit from it!

If you want to consider becoming a "Teacher", you may want to reflect upon:

- Your "thinking" state:  What types of thoughts do you hold towards yourself?  How about others?  Are you a judgmental, critical thought holder?  Do you have loving thoughts about yourself/others?  

- Your "feeling" state:  How do you FEEL about yourself and your life?  Are you confident and optimistic?  Or are you depressed and tired?  Are you envious of others who seem happier than you?

- Your "physical" state:  This can be a reflection of the two above.  Generally, if the thinking and feeling aspects are balanced, your body will hold this positive vibration as well.  Do you love your body and trust its wisdom?  Do you take care of your body and treat it with kindness and respect?

- Your "self-care" routines:  Even if all of the above are working for you, everyone requires a tune-up from time to time.  It may come in the form of meditating, yoga, walking, journaling, getting a massage, or polarity session.  You may also have the influence of a "Teacher" in your life, who can hold space for you to connect with the truth of who you are and who you want to be.


Your students are all around you - a stranger at the grocery store, a fellow employee, your children, your family...  what will you teach them?

Blogs, Health

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