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Using Google’s Organic Sitelinks to Improve Brand Visibility

The links shown below some of Google’s search results, called sitelinks, are meant to help users navigate your site. Google’s systems analyze the link structure of your site to find shortcuts.

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Christmas Comes Early for Local Search: Google Maps for iPhone Released

When Apple released iOS 6 for iPhone in September, it also replaced its Maps app that relied on Google mapping data with an all-Apple version; Apple Maps. The new app was beautifully designed with stunning 3D-like capabilities…

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Understanding Google’s Disavow Tool – When and How to Use it

Google’s Disavow Tool was designed in the wake of the engine’s Penguin update as a way for webmasters to indicate to Google which inbound links are unwanted.

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Should Hospitals Mandate Employee Flu Shots?

Should Hospitals Mandate Employee Flu Shots?


Lisa, who is a nurse, says she is “not one to accept most immunizations due to various health concerns.”  This year, when she and other hospital employees were asked to get a flu shot, she declined, as usual. “I’m one of those people who takes very good care of my health, and use elderberry extract to reduce/prevent viral replication and other complementary/alternative treatments.”

Responsive Website Design – What is it?

Responsive website design seems to be a buzzword in the internet marketing world these days. But what is it, really – and why should you pay attention? In the web marketing and development space, new things are popping up every single day – and many fizzle just as quickly as they appear.

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Pinterest Business Accounts: How to Convert Your Existing Account

Businesses no longer need to feel like they may be breaking the rules with a personal Pinterest account. As of a few weeks ago, Pinterest started offering official business accounts and additional services to companies wishing to build a community and following on the number 3 social network in the US.

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