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Coastal Humane Society is the Beneficiary of $100,000 Anonymous Gift
Coastal Humane Society is the Beneficiary of $100,000 Anonymous Gift

The Coastal Humane Society (CHS) of Brunswick is pleased to announce that an anonymous donor has graciously donated $100,000 to the organization. “The donor was impressed with the manner in which CHS has revamped the entire organization and improved performance and organizational excellence over the past 3 years”, said John Moncure, attorney for the donor, who notified CHS of the generous gift.
CHS has undertaken a rigorous self assessment, executed a professionally facilitated strategic planning initiative, made Board and staffing changes as needed and has most recently invited the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to audit CHS operations to assist CHS in even further improving its organizational excellence.
HSUS is considered to be the foremost expert resource in animal shelter operations in the United States and they are more typically brought in to look at an organization in crisis. In the case of CHS, the Board hired HSUS voluntarily to come review shelter operations, policies and procedures on a proactive basis as a result of a strategic planning initiative for CHS to become one of the most well run humane shelters in the country. Moncure went on to say that the donor was considering a gift to CHS but wanted to be sure it would be used for a worthwhile purpose, not just unrestricted operational funding. Moncure was directed to ask how the donation could best be used. CHS provided Moncure with a complete description of the HSUS audit process and suggested that the donated funds be expressly applied to implementation of the HSUS recommendations and not utilized for general operational funds. The donor read the very thorough materials supplied by CHS and was most impressed with the fact that CHS had proactively commissioned the HSUS Audit and wanted to help fund the costs of the recommendations contained in it. This gave the donor confidence that the funds would be well spent
The implementation of the recommendations received from HSUS is directed toward making the best of an aging facility whereas the ultimate goal of CHS is to build an entirely new facility at some point over the next 3-5 years. The costs of implementing these HSUS recommendations for current operations will be funded in large part by this generous gift and virtually all of the improvements in policies and procedures will be transported to a new facility once that becomes a reality.
Coastal Humane Society continues its efforts towards re-vitalization, and interested volunteers or prospective Board Members are encouraged to contact the organization.


About Coastal Humane Society:
The Coastal Humane Society is a nonprofit charitable corporation founded in 1950. The society exists to help prevent cruelty to animals and to provide shelter care and protection for the area's stray, abandoned and abused animals. CHS receives no federal or state funds, and local funds only through animal control fee-for-service contracts with 15 local towns which provides less than 8% of their annual budget. All other funds must be raised through events and private sources. The Cumberland County, Maine shelter serves as many as 3,000 animals a year

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