Preserving Beans and Beets!

It's time to start preserving the harvest on our little farm!  The other night my wife and I started the long process of preserving some of the food we've been growing.  Karen cleaned and froze green beans and I canned some beets.  I used a pressure canner which is always a bit nerve wracking but it worked flawlessly!  Enjoy the video!

Hauling wood... with a Gravely!

I cut up some wood that needed to be moved and decided to use my little antique Gravely Model Li to move it!  I modified my mowing deck to accept a 2 inch towing ball.  This is so I can pull a trailer around.  It should be noted that this is not necessarily an "original" Gravely design.  All Gravely designs for carts or trailers were much smaller than what you will see in the video so I may be trying to pull a little too much with the size of mine.  However I did see official literature that indicated Gravelys were used in the past for pushing cars around a car lot and for moving large pallets of lumber in and out of drying kilns.  So HEY!  If the Gravely can handle that it surely can handle my trailer with a few rounds of wood in it! 

The Good and the Bad with NetworkedBlogs

A few months ago, I started using the popular Facebook application NetworkedBlogs for a few blogs that I manage.

With NetworkedBlogs you can:

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Movies: "Cave of Forgotten Dreams"

Movies: "Cave of Forgotten Dreams"


By all accounts, “Conan” is a bloody bomb, “Fright Night” lacks fangs and “One Day” is another weepy romance, which is fine, I suppose, if you’re in the mood for one.  Fortunately, there’s something entirely different available on the big screen right now:  a breathtaking cinematic connection to the earliest-known artists who ever walked the earth.


What You Should Know About Sitelinks

Have you ever heard of “sitelinks?” Sitelinks are those extra list of links that you see below a main search result in the Google search engine. [See my example of sitelinks below where I searched for "maine popcorn"] Google’s secret algorithm determines whether sitelinks will appear under a particular search result or not. The idea behind sitelinks is to give the user an easier way to immediately navigate to interior pages of the site within that search result. Although they have been around for a while now they have changed, and continue to change announcing their most recent update this week.

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Filling a meat bird feeder with a tube/chute!

The meat birds are growing fast and I wanted to share my method for adding feed to their feeder.  I made two feeders from a 4 foot section of PVC pipe split lengthwise.  Each half is then suspended from a single rope that goes through two pulleys.  This allows the feeders to remain inside the chicken tractor at all times which is helpful when moving the tractor.  The feed is then poured into each feeder through a long tube that starts at 1 1/2 inches at one end and steps up to three inch PVC pipe at the other end.  This allows me to fill each feeder from the outside of the coop which means I don't have to go INSIDE.  Believe me that's a plus!  The pulleys allow me to adjust the height of the feeders as the chics grow.  The pulleys also allow the feeders to self level.   Overall the system works pretty well and was fairly low cost to make.  Enjoy the video!

Renys Topsham Grand Opening on August 18th!

Renys Topsham Grand Opening on August 18th!
Renys is Coming to the Topsham Fair Mall!
Please continue to check out our Renys Topsham page for updates and store information.

Renys Topsham Grand Opening on August 18th!
August 12, 2011

The big day is finally here! Renys Grand Opening Celebration at the Topsham Fair Mall is Thursday August 18th - Everyone is invited to commemorate the opening of the 16th Renys store in Maine!

Just before the doors open at 9:30 am, Topsham City officials will provide a brief welcome, followed by a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of yet another great Renys store.