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The 6TH Annual Tucker's Boardercross for Cancer
The 6TH Annual Tucker's Boardercross for Cancer


Tucker Olmsted was a competitive snowboarder from Yarmouth who represented Maine in the 2003 National

Championships at Sunday River. Less than two years later, he lost a fierce battle with lymphoma at the age of

14. For the last five years, a Boardercross race and fundraiser in Tucker’s memory has been organized with

100% of the proceeds dedicated to the advancement of cancer treatment by The Maine Children’s Cancer



The first year’s Boardercross and fundraiser (2006) was a huge success, and with a goal of $3,000, nearly

$10,000 was raised. Each subsequent event has been even more successful. To date, our efforts have generated

more than $100,000, a tremendous achievement that can only be attributed to the incredible support of our

volunteers and sponsors.


The event will take place on January 15th and 16th, 2011 at Sugarloaf.

After five years of holding the Boardercross at Sunday River, we our very excited to bring the event to Sugarloaf. Aside from supporting themountain that Tucker grew up on, we feel that the re-location will introduce our cause to a brand new audience, as well as allow for further expansion of an already awesome event.

Practice runs begin at 8:30 each day with races beginning at around 10:30. We will have a booth set up at the counter in the Maple Room in the base lodge for information, buying t-shirts and sweatshirts, purchasing raffle tickets and making bids on silent auction items.


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